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  • $20 included Google Map

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Few instructions to observe
1. Your job listing title range from 2 to 6 words
2. Have a description from 50 to 150 words
3. Do not spam the title in the description
4. Assign the most relevant category
5. Supply the most relevant keywords, a single word separated by a comma which well explain the listing
6. Upload at least 5 images (First image must be your Logo) that explain well the job listing
7. Include a correct location that is understood by GoogleMap

Listing with all above instructions well followed will be promoted to
1. Featured Listing – Appear well in the front page and in the sidebar of all listing pages. The featured listings will also be assigned with a colored ribbon badge
2. Assigned to top category, that means your list will be shown on top of many other listings

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Separate each keyword with a comma.


If the amount is negotiable enter the value 0

3 maximum categories. 0 selected.
  • Agriculture, Food and Livestock
  • East Africa Jobs
  • Finance and Accounting Jobs
  • Governemnt Jobs
  • ICT and Science Jobs
  • Industrial and Trade Jobs
  • Jobs Abroad
  • Law and Advocacy Jobs
  • Management and Leadership Jobns
  • Medical and Health Jobs
  • Mining and Oil Jobs
  • Nonprofit Jobs
  • Office Administration Jobs
  • Teaching Jobs
  • Tourism Jobs
  • Trading Jobs
  • Transport Jobs
  • Water Related Jobs

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